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Chad Henne says he's playing 'not overly great'

Jaguars starting quarterback Chad Henne classifies his play so far this year as "not overly great."

Rob Carr

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced that Chad Henne was going to be their starting quarterback against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. Some thought the Jaguars would be in a prime situation to make the switch to rookie quarterback Blake Bortles, but decided to stick with their veteran quarterback.

"At times, I'm doing the best I can out there," Henne told reporters. "Not saying I'm playing overly great. I'd say I'm playing better than I have in the past, but there's always room for improvement."

Henne was sacked 10 times against Washington on Sunday in the Jaguars 41-10 loss. We broke down the sacks, noting that Henne was responsible for a few and had a hand in some others, but Jaguars quarterback coach Frank Scelfo told Henne none of the sacks were his fault, though Henne admitted one or two were on him.

Henne also told reporters he understands that the Jaguars are a young team going through growing pains and a switch at the quarterback position could be made if the team doesn't start winning football games.