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Week 3 NCAA Stock Watch

The Jaguar's defensive and Offensive line were bad last week, but looking to the draft there were some standouts this week that could improve the team next year.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Stock Up

Eli Harold, DE, Virginia

It's pretty clear at this point that the Jaguars are going to need to address their LEO situation yet again this off-season. They haven't had a consistent pass rush in years, and while it appears to be improving, it still isn't good by any means. I fully expect the Jaguars to look for a defensive end early in the draft, but if they do end up waiting again it looks like ELi Harold might be a solid day two selection. So far through three games he has recorded three sacks and five tackles for loss, including two last week against Louisville. Harold is athletic, long, and is considered a tweener end, he's too small for a 4-3 and too big for a 3-4. He looks explosive off the line and looks to be a good candidate for Gus Bradley's defense. Currently a junior, Harold may not enter the draft this year but he is one to watch going forward due to his good fit with the team.

Hau'oli Kikaha, DE/OLB, Washington

Harold wasn't the only defensive end to put on a show last week as Hau'oli Kikaha put up three sacks against Illinois. Neither player was up against a great offensive line, but both took advantage of the opportunity and turned it into something great. Kikaha is a very similar player to Harold, he is athletic and shows great ability to explode off the line and bend around the edge to make a play. He is another tweener type player who is projected to go in the second day so far in the season. Of the two, Kikaha is a better playmaker but has an injury history that could scare away some teams. Kikaha also is very versatile, he is able to drop back in coverage as well as rush the passer which may benifit him more as a 3-4 OLB than a defensive end.

Ramik Wilson, ILB, Georgia

The Jaguars may or may not be looking for Paul Posluszney's eventual replacement in the 2015 draft, but if they are then Wilson deserves a strong look. He is fast, athletic, and shows great instincts as a linebacker. Bradley's defense preaches speed, and Wilson has plenty of it. He is able to make plays all over the field and is solid enough in pass coverage to not be a liability. In fact, he was able to break up a pass thrown to South Carolina's tight end. Against the Gamecocks, Wilson finished with 13 tackles including 2.5 for loss, displaying his ability to disrupt the backfield. He currently has 3rd-4th round grade on him but it might improve if he can keep performing well in these big games.

A.J. Cann, G, South Carolina

The Jaguars need to upgrade their interior offensive line. They drafted two lineman this year, Brandon Linder and Luke Bowanko, and also signed Zane Beadles but they are still struggling overall. One player that they might look toward is A.J. Cann, currently the consensus top interior lineman this season. Cann appears to be an excellent prospect overall, dominating in the run game and showing good talent in pass protection. He projects as a possible first round selection so the Jaguars would have to consider guard a need over a pass rusher, but he could add some stability to an offensive line that has been one of the worst in the NFL so far this season.

Stock Down

Noah Spence, DE, Ohio State

Last season Spence should all the ability as a pass rusher to be a first round selection. He had the tools that you look for and he seemed ti project to the NFL rather easily. Then at the end of the year he tested positive for ecstasy resulting in a three game ban, including the Buckeye's bowl game against Clemson. He was set to return this past week against Kent State but he instead tested positive for another drug, effectively ending his career as a Buckeye. He has been suspended again but according to Big Ten rules he will be ineligible to compete in athletics again. At this point it looks like he will still enter the 2015 draft, but he has fallen from a likely first round pick to day three or even becoming undrafted. He has a lot of ability and potential, but the drug problems are an issue going forward. If he can keep clear of further trouble he will be great value for a team but its hard to tell if he will be able to do so.

Mike Davis, RB, South Carolina

The Georgia-South Carolina game had two of the best running backs in the country going against each other, but only one was able to produce. Todd Gurley of Georgia finished with 131 yards and a touchdown and had an overall solid game, Mike Davis, on the other hand, did not live up to expectations and didn't even lead his own team in rushing. He finished with 66 yards on 17 carries for an average of 3.9 yards per carry. While not necessarily bad, Davis still hurt his stock by never really getting going at all last week. He still shows potential to be an early second round pick, but the game only seemed to solidify the thought that Gurley is the better back and should get drafted ahead of Davis.

Jameis Winston, QB, FSU

Florida State did not play last week, but in my opinion WInston damaged his draft stock even without playing. He has been involved in yet another incident to add to his theft and sexual assault allegations. While causing a public disturbance isn't the worst thing in the world, and as a college student I understand to desire to just have fun, to me it shows that he still needs to mature before he can lead an NFL team. He has all the talent in the world but he keeps showing up in the spotlight in negative ways and it can only hurt his draft position. In the end it will probably come down to ability over anything but I believe Jameis should do what he can to keep the negative attention away and just play football.

Disclaimer: I unfortunately suffered from a concussion last weekend, I am writing this article the best I can but potentially my thoughts might seem cluttered.