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Who's the leader who helps keep the Jaguars focused on the field?

What one player helps keep the Jaguars focused on the field?

Sam Greenwood

The GMC question this week actually made me laugh, because you would think the answer to the question would be easy, but after watching the first two weeks of the season it doesn't seem too easy. Typically I'd pick Jaguars middle linebacker Paul Posluszny, because it's clear he's who calls the Jaguars defense and is responsible for getting everyone lined up in the correct places.

Last week against Washington, that was a big problem. Players noted after the game people needed to be in the right spot and they weren't. Coaches commented on the same things, about players lining up correctly.

Typically however, Posluszny seems like he'd be the player who keeps the defense focused on the field.

Who would your pick be? Who keeps the Jaguars focused on the field?