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Jaguars send letter to fans asking them to sit down

Curiously, the Jaguars have sent letters to entire sections asking fans to sit down during the game.

The Jacksonville Jaguars sent out a letter to fans in certain sections asking them to respect others around them and sit down during games.

From the letter (read in full here):

"The Jaguars have received multiple reports of individuals standing excessively without respect to other fans in the area. To be courteous to fans around you when you are standing and cheering for the team, we ask that you please stand with the flow of the game, making sure not to block aisles or prevent the flow of traffic."

The letter also identifies that there are two "standing encouraged" sections in the stadium, noting that fans are interesting in standing for the entire game are encouraged to relocate their tickets to those sections. The letter also notes that fans who continue to violate the Fan Code of Conduct, in relation to excessive standing, will be subject to ejection from the stadium.

As someone who's been to every Jaguars home game since I can remember, there are people who excessively stand. There are also people who don't excessively stand and are asked to sit down. When I sat in Section 405, I had people 5-6 rows above me ask me to sit down during a third down when the Jaguars were on defense. A lot of people at sporting events are irrational, so you've got to expect some of it.

Even though I'm in one of the "standing encouraged" sections of EverBank Field, you still should have some spatial awareness during the game. If there are kids or older people, I make sure they can see. I ask them to tell me if it's bothering them and I adjust. Some people just don't want to have any fun however and complain just to complain. Some people are also inconsiderate assholes. Such is life.

Sending out a letter like this to an entire section however, seems like a poor decision for a Jaguars team that's running a "ticket blitz" for the first home game of the season. The team has already looked awful for the first two weeks of the season. This isn't going to sit well, at all.