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Jaguars vs. Colts play of the game: Blake Bortles' first touchdown

There's not usually much to cheer about during a 27-point loss in the home opener, but rookie Blake Bortles gave us plenty of reason to cheer as he showed himself to be the quarterback of the future on Sunday against the Colts.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost 44-17 to the Indianapolis Colts in a home opener that quickly spun out of control. Veteran quarterback Chad Henne couldn't get anything going, the running game was hitting walls, and the defense was tired and overwhelmed for much of the first half.

And then head coach Gus Bradley finally played the kid.

Rookie Blake Bortles came in at the start of the second half and immediately made a difference. His quicker decisions, improved athleticism, and better throws on the run helped the Jaguars outscore the Colts 17-14 in the second half of Sunday's matchup... and also helped him get his first touchdown to fellow rookie Allen Hurns, which to me was the play of the game.

Honorable mention, however, has to go to Bortles' fake spike and touchdown throw to Cecil Shorts III with seconds left on the clock. A fake spike. In his first NFL game. Goodness.

We finally have a quarterback, y'all.