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Blake Bortles talks about his first NFL game experience

Jaguars rookie quarterback Blake Bortles calls his first game action "average".

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars made the switch to Blake Bortles at quarterback after the team trailed 30-0 at halftime against the Indianapolis Colts. Bortles came into to a standing ovation and a dead crowd coming back to life.

"I think there was definitely something. I mean it’s my job to spark something," Bortles said when asked if he could feel the energy in the stands. "So I wanted to bring in some enthusiasm, some passion and try to move the ball."

I don't know that it was his enthusiasm and passion that did it, but the Jaguars offense did move the ball with Bortles at the helm in the second half, albeit against a defense that was protecting a 30 point lead.

Bortles wasn't perfect on the day, he had two turnovers and nearly a safety that was called off due to a penalty, but overall it was a positive outing for the rookie.

"It was average. I mean I thought there was some good stuff and there was some bad stuff we need to correct," Bortles said about his play on Sunday. "There are definitely some things we’ll see on film I need to work on. You can’t throw two picks."

The two picks Bortles threw on the day were both trying to make a play, but the one across his body is something he'll learn he can't do in the NFL.

"Yeah, the last one was definitely a stupid throw," Bortles said about his second interception. "The one to A Rob (Allen Robinson) down the sideline, probably should have thrown a back-shoulder throw to help him out instead of putting it where the defensive back had a play. That can’t happen."