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What can we take away from Blake Bortles on Sunday?

Blake has been freed. The Jaguars finally ended the charade of sitting him, and the season can start. Sunday was a big day for Blake and Jaguar fans, but for what reasons?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Bortles threw 2 interceptions vs the Colts on Sunday.

It doesn't matter.

Blake also produced for over 200 yards of offense and 2 TD's.

That doesn't matter either.

Anything Blake Bortles did on the field on Sunday, doesn't matter. Really. At least, not in the grand scheme of things.

Since Sunday, I have seen radical stances on opposite sides of the spectrum on Bortles and his game Sunday. His ability to move the offense and his 2 TD's got people (including me) very excite. I mean, who wouldn't be? But there was also people who were heavily critical of Bortles' performance, mainly because of his 2 INT's (they were bad) and some spotty accuracy on a few throws. My take on how Bortles played Sunday?


Bortles went into the game when it was already 30-0. Not only was he in a huge deficit and not able to have a full half to get into rhythm, it was mainly garbage time when things finally got clicking. Bortles did some good and some bad things, but because of the situation, neither really matter. Really.

What matters about Sunday vs the Colts is the fact that Bortles is finally given the Keys to the offense, and the future. What matters about Sunday is the fact that the Jaguars can now design their offense and utilize their skill players how they truly envisioned when they took Bortles.

Toby doesn't have to run against 8 man boxes every play. Denard can play more in an up tempo offense. The OL that has 4 starters that are better suited for pass blocking than run blocking can now not worry about overload blitz's every 3rd down or a QB that will fold up at the sight of pressure. The Jaguars WR's can now be schemed to their strengths. The Jaguars offense can actually be the Jaguars offense.

What matters about Sunday is that the clock on the Jaguars season has finally started. They punted 3 weeks worth of the season. 3 weeks that stopped the team from playing at its absolute best. But that is over now. Blake Bortles is the starter. He finally gets a chance to work exclusively with the #1's in practice, and focus solely on being the Jaguars starter and none of the noise and distractions surrounding the team and the decision to sit or play him. He is now the guy. And that is what is ultimately important about Blake Bortles and his game on Sunday.