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NFL power rankings Week 4: Jaguars hit rock bottom

It's always darkest before the dawn.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Each Tuesday, we'll take a look at the power rankings to see where the Jacksonville Jaguars check in on these all-important objective rankings. Last week, the Jaguars ranked No. 31. Even with a third-straight loss against the Indianapolis Colts, you can't rank the Jaguars last with rookie Blake Bortles finally taking the reigns, right?


In his Week 4 NFL power rankings, SB Nation's Danny Kelly believes that the Jaguars are the worst team in the league right now.

The Jaguars are on the road against the San Diego Chargers this week. Can they win? Sure! Will they win? No... no, they will probably not. But, hey, they should be more entertaining with Bortles under center, and far more competitive on offense. Which, in turn, should help make the Jaguars better on defense. With the offense showing signs of life, I suspect the Jaguars won't be bottom-dwellers for very long.

And there was much rejoicing. (Yay.)

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