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Week 3 Standouts

A look at the top performers from the 44-17 loss to the Colts.

Scott Cunningham


Allen Robinson

We didn't get to see much of Allen Robinson in training camp and the preseason but it looks like hes shaping up to be one of the impact players on the Jaguar's offense. After putting up a solid game last week, Robinson again led the team in receptions and receiving yards, gaining 79 on 7 catches. The best part about his performance was that he seemed to be developing some chemistry with Blake Bortles after he came into the game for the second half. He was running crisp routes all game and he had sure hands to catch the majority of the balls thrown his way. Robinson has a good chance to become a true number one receiver if he can keep building on these past two games.

Blake Bortles

He wasn't perfect in this game, but as soon as he came in he was able to provide a spark to the offense that we haven't seen since the first half of the Eagles game. Everyone on the Jaguars offense seemed to play with a little extra effort and you could almost feel the difference from the moment he entered the game. Overall I would agree with his assessment and give him an average performance. Bortles made some nice plays and he was able to extend plays to keep the Jaguars moving, but he had multiple bad mistakes which killed momentum at times. Those mistakes are expected of a rookie quarterback so there is no need to be real critical, however. He has a tough game ahead of him against San Diego, but even if we lose I think most of us will still be happy now that he's behind center. The team is now Bortles' and its once again an exciting time to be a Jaguars fan.

Luke Bowanko

This game was really influenced a lot by the rookies, which makes a lot of sense considering so many of them are starting now. Bowanko got his first start of the year and he did a nice job in the role. He didn't make many mistakes and he was a big improvement over McClendon in the run game. As a sixth round pick it is hard to say how good he will turn out to be, but at least for now he has a chance to develop with Bortles and potentially cement himself as the starter for years to come.

The Coaching Staff

They finally put Bortles in and it is now his time to lead the Jaguars which is the best thing to happen in a while. Bradley and Co didn't really do anything exceptional with play-calling this week and it was a bad loss, but I know I'm not the only one thrilled with the change at quarterback. All respect to Chad Henne, he did everything he could in a stand-up way, but knowing that Blake is behind center from here on out is easily the best part about this week.


Geno Hayes

With the defense continuing to struggle, it was Geno Hayes who ended up being one of the few solid players this week. He played well in the run game this week, even with other players falling short, and held his own enough in pass coverage to not be much of a liability. The one big play that he let up in coverage came on a perfectly thrown ball by Andrew Luck where he couldn't really do anything to defend it despite being in position. He ended the game second on the team in tackles and did his job well enough that he was the bright spot in the linebacker corps this week.

Johnathan Cyprien

While he didn't make many big plays this week, just being back in the Jaguars secondary helped improve the unit this week. There were no big plays from busted coverage against the Colts, and even while there were some big plays none of them came due to Cyprien's play. It's not really a great feeling to judge a player as a top performer based on him not blowing coverage, but it is unfortunately the case. The stability he brings to the secondary is crucial going forward and hopefully the big plays will come back soon.