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Week 3 Shutouts

A look at who played the worst last week against the Colts.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Offense

Chad Henne

In Chad Henne's (hopefully) last start as a Jaguar, we saw a lot of the same deficiencies that we've been seeing the past few years. He struggled to get the ball moving, he checked the ball down for short completions on third and long, and he only completed one pass thrown more than 5 yards down field. It has been hard to watch him over the seasons but, thankfully, Bortles' time has come so we won't have to struggle through watching check down after check down any longer. Even with these problems, I am comfortable with Chad Henne as a backup. He appears to be a good guy that just couldn't make the most out of his opportunity and seems willing to help Bortles and the Jaguars organization going forward. I believe Blake has a lot that he can learn and that Chad will be a good mentor to him for the next two seasons.

Marcel Jensen

With Marcedes Lewis and Clay Harbor out with injuries, Jensen had the chance to step in and try and cement a role in the Jaguar's young offense. Instead of proving he can make it in the league, he instead ended up getting cut yesterday. While Jensen has potential as a receiving tight end, he just seems to be too bad at blocking to justify a roster spot. Against the Colts he let up two sacks, one of them came where he was pushed back all the way to Chad Henne without much of a fight, and the other came when he couldn't even get a hand on either rusher blowing past him. It's possible he could end up back on the practice squad after clearing waiver but it is hard to know if he is in the Jaguar's future plans at this point.

The Defense

Chris Clemons

Clemons was brought in this past offseason to be a leader and a force as the LEO in Gus Bradley's defense. Clemons grew into the LEO role in Seattle and when he was signed the addition was praised as a good move to help the short term pass rush as well as helping in the long run by using him as a mentor for the young Jaguar's defense. So far, he hasn't made that big of an impact overall. After being basically shut out in the pass rush last week, he was only able to record one QB hit against the Colts. Looking back at the game there were multiple plays where he was late getting off the line of scrimmage and he seemed to just get beat by the Colts' offensive tackles. He's been going against some tough O-Lines but it doesn't look like it's about to get any easier with San Diego only allowing two sacks so far this year. Luckily other player have picked up some slack in terms of providing a pass rush, but if Clemons can get back to what he showed in Seattle it would greatly help the Jaguar's struggling defense.

Paul Posluszny

Posluszny's struggles have already been looked at earlier in the week so I won't go over them in too much detail, but they deserve to be mentioned again. Poz was one of the bigger liabilities on defense last week when he needs to be the foundation for other players to play off of. He has missed assignments, missed tackles, and has blown pass coverage more times than are acceptable. His coverage ability has been an issue for a while, but he is normally a leader on defense and is the most consistent player in defending the run. Posluszny needs to fix something fast if the defense wants to get back on track, but there's a lot that needs to be fixed in a short amount of time.

Winston Guy

After too many blown coverages and missed assignments the past few games, Guy has been benched in favor of Josh Evans at safety. He has almost looked lost out there at times and it really showed this week against the Colts. There were a few plays where he was out of place or just got beat. Not all of the Jaguar's coverage woes can be put on Guy, but he has been struggling too often to ignore at this point in the season. He seemed almost out of place playing as free safety and could fit in better filling in at strong safety where he doesn't have as much pressure on him in coverage.