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Jaguars vs. Chargers 2014: Third quarter live blog

Here's your open discussion thread to talk about anything and everything dealing with the third quarter of the Jaguars and Chargers matchup in Week 4.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The second half is about to start and the Jaguars are only down 17-14, thanks largely to Blake Bortles, who has been everything Chad Henne wasn't in the first two-and-a-half games.

In the first half, Bortles was 15-of-18 for 147 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions. The Jaguars may not be leading, but they're the best looking they've been all season, including the season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Stay updated on anything and everything dealing with the third quarter of the Jaguars vs. Chargers game!

Live blog:

6:26 PM: Yup.

6:12 PM: Chargers now up 27-14. Game isn't out of reach, but Bortles needs to make better decisions on this drive.

6:06 PM: Bortles intercepted on the next drive. Bad read and Shorts didn't do him any favors either.

5:58 PM: Demetrius McCray gets "beat" by Malcolm Floyd, but really it was a perfect pass by Rivers and the lack of a true free safety in the Jaguars Cover-3 defense. :-(

5:31 PM: Winston Guy busted coverage again, huh? *drink* Chargers take 17-14 lead with seconds left in the first half.

5:21 PM: Yeah, so, our offense looks totally different today.

5:13 PM: Jaguars cornerback Dwayne Gratz comes down very awkwardly on his head and neck. He's walking to the locker room, which is encouraging.

5:04 PM: And that Hurns catch sets up a two-yard touchdown to Nic Jacobs. *faints*

5:03 PM: Bortles to Hurns. Rinse. Repeat. For the next decade.

4:53 PM: Josh Evans turns his hips away from Eddie Royal, and Geno Hayes is not making that coverage play. Nope.

4:45 PM: Toby Gerhart scored a touchdown. Then it was reversed. Then Toby Gerhart scored another touchdown. Jaguars up 7-3. BOOM. DUVAL.

4:36 PM: Pants. Off.

4:28 PM: Bend but don't break, Jaguars.

4:20 PM: The Jaguars and Chargers are still scoreless after the first three drives of the game. Around midfield the Jaguars went for it on fourth-and-short and didn't get a good enough push.

4:09 PM: Toby Gerhart fumbles on his first carry, and Denard Robinson moved into lone running back on the next series.

3:43 PM: The family that Blakes together, stays together.

3:33 PM: rt if u agree

3:03 PM: The new generation.

2:36 PM: Today's inactives in the Jaguars vs. Chargers matchup:

WR Marqise Lee
TE Mickey Shuler
CB Jeremy Harris
OT Austin Pasztor
OL Tyler Shatley
WR Tavarres King
LB Jeremiah George

CB Jason Verrett
RB Ryan Mathews
LB Manti Te’o
LB Reggie Walker
OL Rich Ohrnberger
TE David Johnson
LB Jerry Attaochu

1:51 PM: My God.

1:48 PM: Umm...

1:14 PM: Elite on and off the field, IMO.

12:46 PM: Looks good. It's no Jacksonville, but then again what is?

12:21 PM: Real.

12:11 PM: Bill Cowher also started Neil O'Donnell in a Super Bowl so...

11:56 PM: Jeff Lageman is already better at Twitter than most of us.

9:01 AM: Cooler than cool.

8:30 AM: Have you read this? It is our Sistene Chapel.