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Jaguars vs. Chargers: The morning after

Let's take a look at what was said after the Jaguars were defeated by the Chargers on Sunday afternoon.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

John Oehser, The new era looks pretty darned good

The Era began.

Win or lose, that was the story for the Jaguars Sunday, wasn’t it?

Isn’t this what everyone wanted? Isn’t this the moment for which we – those who cover the team, those who follow the team and those with even the remotest interest in the short- and long-term future of this franchise – waited?

Wasn’t a Blake Bortles start what we all wanted to see?

Of course, it was, and the moment came Sunday. It came on a perfect Sunday afternoon in Southern California. It came with the Jaguars struggling to start the 2014 season, and it came after an offseason of waiting and a week of buildup. And when it came on Sunday, it looked like …

Well, it looked pretty darned good, was how it looked.

Michael DiRocco, ESPN: Blake Bortles appears to be a hit

What mattered most about the Jaguars’ 33-14 loss to San Diego on Sunday wasn’t the final score.

Nor was it that while the defense played a bit better, it still gave up big plays and more than 400 yards.

Or the fact that veteran receiver Cecil Shorts injured his left hamstring in the third quarter and likely will miss a week or two.

Those things do matter, of course, but they’re secondary to the most important thing that happened at Qualcomm Stadium: The Jaguars appear to have hit with Blake Bortles.

Eric D. Williams, ESPN: Philip Rivers earns MVP consideration

As the backup quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, Kellen Clemens has a front-row seat to the daily work that Philip Rivers puts in and, ultimately, how he performs on game days.

Clemons had heard about how much Rivers watches tape before his arrival in San Diego as a free agent this past offseason. But after five months spent in close quarters with the North Carolina State product, Clemens has a new-found respect for the guy he backs up.

"He’s constantly thinking about it," Clemens said. "He’s constantly working on it, playing out scenarios -- that’s where he gains such a great edge over these defenses is his ability to prepare.

"He’s obviously accurate on game day. But he knows what’s going to happen before it happens."

Ryan O' Halloran, Bortles is ready, but defense is discouraging

Blake Bortles can continue to spin out of trouble to buy time before throwing downfield. He can keep scrambling for positive yards to keep the Jaguars’ offense on schedule. And he can drop back and deliver a dart to the sideline for a third-down conversion.

But none of it will matter as long as the Jaguars’ defense keeps getting bludgeoned like it has through the first quarter of the season, which wrapped up Sunday with a 33-14 loss to the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium.

Bortles’ NFL regular season starting debut was encouraging (29-of-37 for 253 yards and one touchdown) except for two second-half interceptions.

"There was no doubt he was ready," coach Gus Bradley said.