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Jaguars are in the middle of a full rebuild, this is what it looks like

After the first quarter of the season, the Jaguars find themselves in the same spot they were last year, 0-4.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

They're worse than last year.

Mike Mularkey was better.

David Caldwell is off to a worse start than Gene Smith.

The Jacksonville Jaguars fell to the San Diego Chargers 33-14 to move to 0-4 on the season, putting them at the same spot they were after four games last season. The team lost by double-digits in each of the first four games in 2013 and so far this season. The Jaguars had a -98 point differential in 2013 and this season have a -94 point differential.

This is what rebuilding from scratch looks like and that's exactly what this is. Dave Caldwell gutted the worst roster in the NFL just to get rid of the dead weight and has filled it with street free agents, late round draft picks and undrafted free agents while he builds the roster. He signed some stop-gap defenders on the defensive line, who've played well despite what people say on the radio, etc.

The team looks like they might finally have a good quarterback and it was clear the difference that made in the first half against the Chargers on Sunday when the team went blow for blow with them. They fell apart in the second half because the lack of depth and talent started to show. Even so, they were right in the game at the start of the fourth quarter despite having two turnovers.

The Jaguars are currently starting a sixth-round pick at free safety who's in his second season in the NFL, with the previous starter being a late cut waiver claim last season. They're starting two rookies on the offensive line and a left tackle who's started just nine games, only four of those at left tackle. Their top wide receivers are rookies.

Not including Josh Scobee, the Jaguars have just 11 starters on both sides of the ball with more than three years NFL experience. They have just 19 of those players on the roster.

Caldwell has quite literally, started from scratch on this roster. There weren't any building blocks at all when he arrived, so he's had to find those.

edit: Complaining that the Jaguars have been "rebuilding since 2008" is a waste of time and breath. They've tried to rebuild three times since 2003 and failed twice. Shack Harris failed to sustain a winning team, but at least began to peak by his third season. Gene Smith never really got it off the ground and ultimately burned down the roster. Their failures should have no bearing on how you feel about what David Caldwell is doing. David Caldwell wasn't here then. He came in 2013 to a completely bare roster and is now trying to build one from scratch.

The Jaguars haven't been rebuilding since 2008. They've failed to actually rebuild.

An 0-4 start was always likely for the Jaguars, especially when they decided to go with Chad Henne at starting quarterback. At best the team was looking at 1-3 to start the first quarter of the season, given three of the first four games were on and road and against 2013 playoff teams.

There was no way for Caldwell to fill all the teams holes with adequate players in just two offseasons. The team still has massive holes at linebacker and free safety, the latter of which is a key cog in the Cover 3 base defense that Gus Bradley is trying to run.

The schedule softens going forward until the bye week however, so the team should start to look more like what people expect.

You shouldn't be worried and wringing your hands after an 0-4 start, because at best you were looking at a 1-3 start. Expecting more, record-wise, was always unrealistic. Over the next quarter of the season however, it should look a lot different. You finally have Blake Bortles starting and it was clear he made a difference on Sunday. As the offense grows, everything else should grow.

Once you have that quarterback, everything else gets easier. Roster building gets easier. Games get easier.

Despite the score, the Jaguars looked much more competitive on Sunday compared to the past three weeks. That was against a really good Chargers team, too.

I guess what I'm saying to say is: It's Week 4. Calm down. Complete rebuilds take time.