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Which Philadelphia Eagles player should Jacksonville Jaguars fans want?

The Jaguars travel to Philadelphia in Week 1. If Jaguars fans could take one Eagles player, who should it be?


The Jacksonville Jaguars roster for 2014 is, by far, better than the one in last year's season opener. Our franchise quarterback is waiting in the wings, we have a healthy, injury-free running back, our defensive line has been upgraded, and our relatively young secondary has a year of experience under their belt.

But that doesn't mean we wouldn't pluck one of a handful of players from the Philadelphia Eagles if we could.

Which Eagles player should Jaguars fans want right now?

The Eagles roster has star players at several skill positions, and while it's tempting to grab a guy like LeSean McCoy, I'd want to take wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.

A first-round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, Maclin will be 26 until next offseason and even with DeSean Jackson on the field managed nearly 900 yards per season and a 13.4 yards per catch in his first four seasons in the NFL. A season-ending ACL injury last year is worrisome. But with Cecil Shorts III and a trio of rookies filling out the receiving corps in Jacksonville, I'd take my chances.

Now, why not McCoy? Because I'm willing to risk that Toby Gerhart can be a feature back for the Jaguars. I'm less sure that any of our receivers can be "the guy" at receiver than I am Gerhart can be that at running back.