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Jaguars using Denard Robinson to replicate LeSean McCoy in practice

The Jaguars are trying to replicate LeSean McCoy in practice with Shoelace.

Sam Greenwood

The Jacksonville Jaguars will have their hands full trying to contain Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy on Sunday. The team has gotten a little creative in how they're game planning for him in practice, using running back Denard Robinson to do some of the things "Shady" does so well.

We talked to our guys, Denard (Robinson) and stuff, we’ll tell them: ‘Hey, cut this one all the way back or do this’ to give us a look. They’ve been doing a pretty good job," Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said on Wednesday.

If the Jaguars want to have a chance to beat the Eagles on Sunday, they'll have to limit what McCoy does on the field. It's clear that Bradley knows McCoy is the main threat on the Eagles offense.

"He’s (McCoy) really good. He does things that if it’s coached, I’d like to know how it’s coached because he goes from this gap to this gap to this gap, give ground and come back around," Bradley said of McCoy. "You really have to pay attention to the edges. He’s got really good vision. He is unique in his style. We haven’t faced a guy like this in the preseason. It’s a great challenge for us. Our guys are really locked into it. I think it’s important if you show guys running styles during the week of the running backs that you’re facing. This is the running style. Just locking into those clips rather than sometimes getting away from scheme and just talk about that."

Using a guy like Robinson to mimic McCoy in practice makes sense. This isn't to say Shoelace is a like-for-like with McCoy, but he does bring a similar change of direction ability, acceleration and speed to the table. Robinson did a good job in the preseason cutting and finding holes to run through, so he seems to obvious choice to replicate what McCoy can do in practice.