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What will be the 3 highest scoring Jaguars games this season?

The Jaguars have a few games this season that could be high scoring affairs.

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Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

There are a few games on the 2014 schedule that could end up as shootouts with the Jacksonville Jaguars this season, that is if the offense does what we think it can.

The first game that looked like it could be a shootout is the game in London against the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys defense is supposed to be awful this season, given that it was awful last season and all the injuries the team has, it's expected to be bad again. Their offense is high powered however, so it could be one of those  games where the Jaguars take advantage of a weak defense while facing a high powered offense.

Another game that could be a high scoring game is the Week 1 opener against the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams play an up tempo game on offense and while the Eagles offense is more potent, their pass defense leaves a lot to be desired.

Finally, the Jaguars matchup with the Houston Texans in December could be another high scoring affair. I mean, we could have Blake Bortles going against Ryan Mallett here. Shoot out city.

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