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Eagles custom green jersey not ready, Jaguars will wear black uniform

The Jaguars will wear their home black uniform Sunday because the Eagles uniforms aren't ready yet.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be wearing their black uniforms on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles on the road, which is normally the Jaguars home uniform. The reason the Jaguars are wearing their home uniforms against the Eagles however, is because Philadelphia's new "midnight green" uniforms aren't ready yet.

The Eagles released the following statement a few weeks ago, noting that the team would be wearing white and black for the first portion of the season:

The Philadelphia Eagles have upgraded their uniforms for the 2014 season by taking advantage of the NFL Nike Elite 51 fabrication. As a result of this upgrade, the Eagles will have the Elite 51 technology for all three of their jerseys (White, Midnight Green and the alternate Black).

The Eagles will use their white and black jerseys throughout the early portion of the season, including tonight's game at New England in which they will wear their black jerseys and white pants. The Midnight Green jerseys require extra time to produce since it is a custom color and will not debut until later in the 2014 season.

The reasoning for why the uniforms won't be ready seems hilarious, at least to me. Nike couldn't get a custom color pushed through on an NFL franchise's uniform in time for the NFL season? Don't they make all those wacky Oregon uniforms all the time?

Typically the Jaguars will wear their all white uniforms while they're on the road, with the black uniforms and teal alternates being used primarily as their home jersey. It won't really make a difference one way or the other, except the black uniforms look better than the all whites.