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Jaguars vs. Eagles cookin': Make a real 'Philly' cheesesteak

If you like to plan your meals to be themed around the Jaguars opponent, we have you covered.

Jamie Squire

Ah, Philadelphia; a city rich with history. Benjamin Franklin, the Liberty Bell and Rocky Balboa are just a few things that can allow you to enjoy the city. Along with what is rated as one of the top couple of pretzels in the nation, the city boasts of cream cheese, hoagies, water ice and the meat, cheese and bread concoction known as the cheesesteak. However, it also houses the Eagles, Phillies and 76ers; this becomes a little too much to handle and makes it hard to be a destination for us. So instead, let's just bring the Philadelphia cheesesteak to Jacksonville.

Quick Tips to a better cheesesteak:

1) Invest in good bread. Half of a sandwich is bread, do not skimp and think a potato roll for $0.25 a piece will suffice. Thick, crusty bread is a key. If you cannot make it, buy it from a reputable source. Publix, The French Pantry and Village Bread all come to mind.

2) Invest in good meat. The other half of a sandwich leans towards meat. Have the same vision as above, but you probably do not want to try and by meat from a bakery, pick a reputable butcher.

3) Invest in good tools. Thick, heavy duty pan for cooking the meat to retain plenty of heat, and a good sharp knife will save you time and despair when preparing, not only this meal, but all meals.

Try your Philly any way you like it, "wit", "witout", "wiz", "provolone", even throw in some personal favorites like horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, or marinara. But if you are feeling lazy, just microwave some Buddig roast beef with Velveeta and put it on hot dog bun; probably more authentic that way.