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What went right, what went wrong in Jaguars loss?

Some things went right for the Jaguars, some things went wrong.

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Rich Schultz

Not all was bad in the Jacksonville Jaguars 34-17 collapse on Sunday to the Philadelphia Eagles. Some things went right, some things went wrong.

What went right

Overall, the Jaguars offensive line pass protected well on the day. The Eagles pass rush isn't one of the best in the league, but it's certainly not bad. The offensive line gave up just two sacks on the day, one of which was the end of the game sack/fumble that Fletcher Cox returned for a touchdown. On the play, Zane Beadles was beaten badly. Chad Henne was sacked three times on the day, but the offensive line was only responsible for two of them. They also only gave up three hits on the quarterback and four hurries overall, according to Pro Football Focus.

The Jaguars defensive line showed what we all thought during the offseason, it's much improved. The line harassed Nick Foles in the first half and looked like they had broken him at one point. They sacked him six times on the day and forced two turnovers that gave the Jaguars offense great field position, which ultimately resulted in 14 points.

What went wrong

While the offense put up 17 points, or even 23 if you want to count the missed and blocked field goals, they were not very effective overall. Both touchdown drives began in Eagles territory, one of which started essentially in the redzone at the 21-yard line. Outside of that, the Jaguars had just two drives that went over 50 yards on the day. The team struggled to convert third downs all day, ending with just a 2-of-14 converstion rate.

The Jaguars running game was also a disaster. Part of that was the fact that the Eagles keyed in on the running  game and dare the Jaguars to pass the football. As a team the Jaguars ran for an abysmal 64 yards on 25 carries, which made the team one dimensional and it eventually fed into what the Eagles wanted the team to do, which was lean on Chad Henne for offensive success.

Mental errors on the defensive side of the ball were also a big factor in the game, mainly due to injuries. Johnathan Cyprien left the game earl in the third quarter with a concussion. Paul Posluszny left the game for a series with a knee injury. Both times the Eagles ended up with touchdowns. On the Darren Sproles touchdown run, there was a miscommunication with the safeties and the middle of the field was left wide open. On the Jeremy Maclin touchdown, Chris Prosinski bit hard on a play action fake and left the middle of the field wide open for a touchdown.