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Chad Henne performed 'efficiently', says Gus Bradley

The Jaguars will be sticking with Chad Henne against Washington on Sunday, as head coach Gus Bradley called his play on Sunday efficient.

Rich Schultz

The Jacksonville Jaguars blew a 17 point lead on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, finishing the game with a 34-17 loss. Much of the ire was directed at veteran quarterback Chad Henne, who struggled to move the offense in the second half of the game. In his Monday press conference however, Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley seemed to indicate the team thought Henne was efficient on Sunday.

"He performed efficiently, we were pleased with how he played" Bradley told reporters on Monday. Bradley also noted that he and offensive coaches thought Henne had a good command of the offense against the Eagles and did a good job with his decision making.

"Those things stood out," Bradley said.

Henne finished the day completing 24-of-43 passes for 266 yards and a touchdown, however the Jaguars converted just two of their 14 third downs on the say, punting five straight times to open the second half. The team burned all of their timeouts in the second half quickly, which Bradley attributed to the youth at the receiver position and players not lining up correctly.