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Jaguars won't bench Chad Henne anytime soon

The Jaguars will be starting Chad Henne for the next few games, regardless of the results, so just get it all out now.

Rich Schultz

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be starting Chad Henne against Washington on Sunday, as they should*, and won't be benching him in favor of rookie Blake Bortles anytime soon. Regardless of how Henne plays on Sunday in the nation's capital, he's going to start against the Indianapolis Colts in the Jaguars home opener, as well.

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley committed to starting Chad Henne this season and not just for a game or two. While I and many others put the majority of the blame for the team's 34-17 loss at the feet of Henne, he's still going to be the starter for at least three more weeks, regardless of how he plays.

I said that the Jaguars should* continue starting Chad Henne because doing other wise would be reactionary, rather than making the decision with a level head. The team decided that Henne was the player they wanted to go with for at least the start of the 2014 NFL season, regardless of how I or anyone else feels about him, that's what they should do.

Pulling Henne after one or two poor games doesn't accomplish much other than showing everyone you made an abhorrent decision in the first place in starting Henne. The team is going to let Henne play himself out of the position until their hand is forced, because they've committed to letting Blake Bortles learn on the sideline for however long is necessary.

Unless Henne is single handedly losing the team games, multiple weeks in a row, there isn't likely to be a change. While Henne wasn't very good on Sunday and played a big part in the loss, he didn't single handedly lose it for them. Even if the Jaguars lose to Washington on Sunday and he throws a few interceptions, a change is highly unlikely.

Look to last season with how the team handled the situation with Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne. The team committed to Gabbert as their starter and even though he only started three games, it took until Week 5 for the team to make a decision to go another direction. Expect a similar timetable this go around.

It's not going to change anytime soon, so just get it all out now.