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NFL mock draft 2015: All seven rounds for the Jaguars

Anyone can predict who the Jaguars will take with the No. 3 overall pick. Hank Joness wants to tell you who the Jaguars will take with all their picks.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Mock drafts are typically not my thing. At all. But this year, I'd figure I'd post a few mocks for the Jacksonville Jaguars to help gauge my views on the team's needs, where I value them, and what players I see as fits.

This is the first of a few mock drafts I'll do this year, and I hope you find a reason to hate it.

Round 1, Pick #3: USC DL Leonard Williams

This pick comes down to the two players I see as the two best talents in the 2015 NFL Draft: Leonard Williams and Randy Gregory. I lean Williams right now due to the sheer depth at edge rusher in this draft class. You can find multiple players who can replicate production from LEO later in the draft, but I doubt you can find a player to replicate Williams, who could legitimately play every spot along the defensive line and significantly improve both the run defense and pass rush.

Round 2, Pick #36: Clemson DL Vic Beasley

A lot of people are gonna see this as just another mock draft where I mock players I like and whatever, but I truly do think Beasley (who is one of my top-10 players) will still be available atop the second round. 230-pound pass rushers simply don't get drafted high. Despite that disadvantage, I still believe in Beasley as an NFL player. He's an upper-tier athlete and is truly one of the more advanced pass rushers I've graded in the last three years. In Jacksonville, he'd be on the Bruce Irvin plan Year 1. Come in to pass rush and get stronger for a bigger role in Year 2 and beyond.

Round 3, Pick #67: Miami TE Clive Warford

The Jaguars need a tight end more than they need any other position on offense outside of right tackle. Clay Harbor and Nic Jacobs are okay depth guys, but Marcedes Lewis simply looked done last year. I don't know if he comes back, but regardless, they need to find a replacement. Warford fits the Jaguars tight end mold (basketball build) and would contribute early on as an inline blocker and red zone weapon, two things the Jaguars have missed from their tight ends the last two seasons.

Round 4, Pick #100: Clemson ILB Stephone Anthony

Anthony has been a personal favorite of mine the last two seasons, and he fits what the Jaguars need in a inside linebacker. He is a heat seeking missile against the run, showing aggression, instincts, and strength. Unlike a current Jaguars linebacker that will not be named, he routinely makes plays at the line of scrimmage.

Round 5, Pick #131: Syracuse OT/OG Sean Hickey

Hickey is a player who is projected at a couple positions, which is what the Jaguars should be looking for in OL at this stage. The only starting spot open right now is right tackle, and I expect that to be filled through free agency. With Hickey, they get a talent upgrade at multiple backup OL spots, something they severely lacked this year.

Round 6, Pick #164: Syracuse FS Durell Eskridge

It wouldn't surprise me to see Eskridge's stock rise after the combine, but as of right now he's flying a bit under the radar. Josh Evans isn't an awful player, but he badly needs some competition at free safety, which is arguably the most important position in Gus Bradley's defense. Eskridge provides the size the Jaguars like at safety, being able to play both single high coverage and fill run alleys.

Round 7, Pick #195: Florida WR/KR/PR Andre Debose

As of right now, I think the chance Ace Sanders is on the Jaguars roster in 2015 is close to one percent. Caldwell recently praised nearly every draft pick but Sanders. He even openly stated the team expected more out of him, and it looks like he's soon to be the odd man out as he provides nothing as a punt returner and isn't worth seeing snaps as a receiver. Debose isn't much of a receiver, but at this point the Jags should look for specialists, and Debose could be one of the best in the draft, showing electrifying return skills throughout his college career.