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Mel Kiper Mock Draft 2015: Jaguars pick best player available

ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. has released his latest mock draft and the Jaguars are picking who is arguably the best defensive lineman available.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in dire need of a lot with their roster, but one need sorely stands above the rest: pass rush.

The smartest thing this team could do with the No. 3 overall pick is not trade down and get more picks, nor upgrade a position on offense, but grab the best available defensive lineman. And that's exactly what Mel Kiper, Jr. predicts they'll do in his latest mock draft.

No. 3: Jacksonville Jaguars - USC DL Leonard Williams

Analysis: If you drop need and go on "best player available" -- something I believe really does happen more and more, given the unpredictable nature of the quarterback position in particular -- Williams is a contender to go No. 1 overall. A versatile and relentless defensive lineman, heâ??s a good fit in Jacksonville's scheme and is so tantalizing because youâ??re adding a disruptor, a player who has great awareness against the run but can batter both guards and tackles as a pass-rusher, too. This is a player you can say would help every team in the draft. The Jags need O-line help, but the value here just isn't good enough.

Wiliiams is a consensus pick for the Jaguars at No. 3 in many draft scenarios, including SB Nation's Mocking The Draft, who has since changed his prediction away from Nebraska's Randy Gregory.