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Gus Bradley talks Jaguars Greg Olson hire

The Jaguars hired Greg Olson as their new offensive coordinator officially on Wednesday and Gus Bradley said a few things about him at the Senior Bowl.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars made the Greg Olson hire official on Wednesday and it wasn't met with very much fan fare in both the media and with fans. Olson's track record, at least statistically, as an offensive coordinator isn't great but he does seem to have a good record with developing quarterbacks.

Head coach Gus Bradley didn't seemed to be too concerned with statistics when he spoke with the media on Wednesday about the hire.

"I've known him for some time and have really watched his progress and what he's done with quarterbacks," Bradley told Ryan O'Halloran of The Florida Times-Union. "He's a really good developmental coach and he has a style and conviction. Just like you build a team, you build a coaching staff and I thought he would be a good fit."

Olson, like Marrone, won't make their way to Mobile, AL for the 2015 Senior Bowl and will likely hold introductory press conferences with the media next week. Olson did release a statement through the team, however.

"I want to thank Shad Khan, David Caldwell and Gus Bradley for giving me this opportunity," Olson said. "Gus and I spent a lot of time together over the last week as I learned about his vision and the culture he has established in Jacksonville. It's easy to see that everybody in the organization is moving in the same direction and committed to getting better. We will work diligently as a staff to develop our players and play to their strengths. I'm looking forward to getting started."

Bradley met with Olson for over 16 hours through the course of two days and told reporters that he and Olson shared a vision and that the development of young quarterback Blake Bortles, is front and center. Bradley noted that while the Raiders offense statistically wasn't good, individual players made progress throughout the season, most notably rookie quarterback Derek Carr.

"I know what I saw on tape," Bradley said. "I know what I heard when I talked to other coaches and players [about Olson] and I see the developmental things and his history of working with quarterbacks."

After talking to some people about the Olson hire, the feeling I got from responses and reaction was that Olson was a good coach and worked well with quarterbacks, was only a so-so game day play caller, but tailored the offense to fit the strengths of what he had.

Sometime this week one of our new contributors, Cole Hartley, will debut with a look at some of what Olson did with different quarterbacks over the years, from a film perspective.