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Jaguars to keep George Yarno under contract

Former offensive line coach George Yarno has been on medical leave since June of 2014, but the team has decided to keep him under contract.

The Jacksonville Jaguars hired a new offensive line coach in Doug Marrone, but that doesn't mean former offensive line coach George Yarno will be dismissed from the team.

Quite the opposite, actually, as Yarno will remain under contract as he continues to battle cancer. That means the team will still provide his salary and benefits, supporting him as he continues to receive medical treatment.

Head coach Gus Bradley and general manager Dave Caldwell declined to comment on Yarno, but according to ESPN's Michael DiRocco, a source close to Shad Khan said the Jaguars owner "enthusiastically supported Yarno remaining under contract."

Even if Yarno won't be able to work with the Jaguars on the field, he'll still work in a consultative capacity with the team, including film study and player evaluations.