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Jaguars season in review: Grading Zane Beadles

The Jacksonville Jaguars handed out a big contract to guard Zane Beadles in free agency, so how did it work out?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars didn't make many big splashes in free agency during the 2014 offseason, but the one they did make was signing offensive guard Zane Beadles. Beadles played his previous seasons with the Denver Broncos before the Jaguars gave him a 5-year, $30 million deal with $12.45 million guaranteed.

The move was originally met with criticism because of the price, but Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell clearly had Beadles targeted and he showed he's willing to pay guys he targets.

While much of the criticism on Beadles was that he was overpaid, that's what happens when you go to free agency. You generally overpay guys.

Beadles also received plenty of criticism early in the season playing for the Jaguars because he struggled settling in. Through the first four or five weeks, many fans and analysts considered Beadles a miss in free agency, but he settled in about the midway point of the season and became a reliable member of a struggling offensive line. Part of the reason Beadles could have struggled early was he was settling in with a new line next to Luke Joeckel, who was still learning the left tackle position at the NFL level and next to a revolving door of centers.

Overall, Beadles ended the season strong and going forward shouldn't be a big worry on the Jaguars offensive line.

How would you grade the signing of Beadles?