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Jaguars offensive line is not the worst in the NFL

The Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line had it's struggles as a whole last season, but it probably wasn't as bad as people think.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line has been a big topic of discussion among media, analysts and fans. Typically that discussion dives into how awful they are and how they all need to be replaced because they're a bunch of bums. That's how football discussions tend to go, though. They dive into hyperbole.

The reality is usually somewhere in the middle and while the Jaguars offensive line certainly wasn't good, it wasn't the worst in the league either. Pro Football Focus seems to agree with that sentiment, ranking the Jaguars offensive line 18th in the NFL overall.

Pass Block Ranking: 15th, Run Blocking Ranking: 25th, Penalties Ranking: 6th

Stud: There's no doubt the Jaguars are happy with just how quickly Brandon Linder (+16.6) has acclimatized to life in the NFL. He's contributed to a top-notch group of rookie guards.

Dud: With eight sacks allowed and a team-worst pass blocking grade, the Jags must have hoped for more from Luke Joeckel by now.

Breakdown: They got better when they replaced Jacques McClendon with Luke Bowanko and have taken a huge step forward this year. A new offensive coordinator will still need to get more out of a unit that didn't help their rushers enough in the run game.

As noted, the Jaguars found a stud in Brandon Linder and it's possible a gem in Luke Bowanko at the center position. On the other hand, Luke Joeckel struggled for most of the season, but even his play I think has been overstated by a lot of fans.

He wasn't great, but he wasn't a complete turnstile either. The problem with Joeckel is he had a handful of really, really, really bad plays and plays like that burn themselves into a fans brain. He could be playing well for most of the game, but then that one bad beat ruins it all. I still think he will be fine in the long run, but concern has to start creeping in the mind.