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Thursday Q&A: Is Gus Bradley the right guy for the Jaguars head coaching job?

The Jaguars gave up the most points in franchise history on Sunday, so we know you've got questions. Here are our answers.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew from New York, NY

Q: With many injuries to the secondary, when do you see the defense back at full strength?

A: Whether you mean just the secondary itself or the entire defense, specifically Marks, I think the answer is the same -- Week 6 against the Houston Texans or Week 7 in London against the Buffalo Bills.

Kyle from Green Cove Springs, FL

Q: How much blame can you actually put on Gus Bradley? Would any other coach be winning games? Does he need to go?

A: Sure, Gus Bradley deserves a fair share of blame for his 8-27 win-loss record, but this topic is very subjective. It's a hot topic, nonetheless. There's just no way to know if any other coach would be "winning games," but then again, not many coaches match up well against Bill Belichick in New England. Of course, I'd hope someone could do better than 8-27 though 35 games. But then again, the Jaguars' situation is pretty unique and I think most understand this. Bradley-blame is very much an issue of patience, and patience levels range between quick-tempered to overly-optimistic from fan to fan. (tl;dr -- I don't know)

Joel from Tampa, FL

Q: Should this actually count as Year 3 of the rebuild? Should the Chad Henne-led Gene Smith holdovers really count as Year 1?

A: Yeah, this is year 3. Gus used year 1 to introduce his culture and several key roles were filled during the year (Joeckel, Cyp, Denard, Marks, McCray, Roy Miller)

Seb from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What the f*ck happened?

A: On to the Colts!

Lonnie from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is Gus Bradley the right guy for the head coaching job in Jacksonville?

A: I don't know. Coaching is a results-oriented profession, and Gus certainly doesn't have the results yet, so it's easy to answer no to your question. Maybe Gus can uncover some success this year, maybe he won't uncover enough. The real question becomes -- how much patience does Khan and the organization have?

Wes from Baltimore, MD

Q: Is there a realistic chance Julius Thomas or Sen'Derrick Marks plays this Sunday?

A: Nope.

Josh from New Vegas, NCR

Q: Why is Indianapolis in the AFC South and why does Andrew Luck's face make me want to punch an elderly man in the face?

A: I would say this stems from early adolescent bed-wetting.

Dalton from Brandon, MS

Q: What are the chances the Jaguars trade for a pass rusher or some kind of defender like Wille Young

A: Slim to none. If the Jaguars were going to do something, my guess is they already would have done it. With Andre Branch likely coming back this Sunday against the Colts, they're even less likely to make a move. I'm not saying I agree with that, but it is what it is.

Todd from Glen Burnie, MD

Q: Personally, I think the Jaguars missed completely on Blake Bortles. When and if we have another bad season, could the Jags potentially draft another quarterback next year?

A: I don't agree that it's a complete miss. Bortles hasn't looked good, but he's not the problem on this team. In fact, I'd say he's improved in more areas than he's remained stagnant. That said, if Bortles turns out to be a bust, I think the Jaguars are committed to him through 2016. If the Jaguars make a move for another quarterback, it'll be in Year 3.