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Jags vs Bucs final recap: Jags lose 38-31

Despite the offense coming to life, the Jags fall to Tampa 38-31

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Another game, another day of the Jaguars shooting themselves in the foot and losing a winnable game.

The Jags were in control of the momentum of the game at several points throughout the day but costly mistakes, such as a Blake Bortles INT that lead to a Bucs TD and a Corey Grant fumble that was recovered for a TD, put the team in a spot it couldn't recover from.

Bortles had one of his best outings as a pro, with his first ever 4 TD game, but the INT plus 2 misses to an open Allen Robinson deep were blown opportunities. With that said, this game ultimately comes down to the Jags' defense having a terrible day.

A week after holding the Colts to 16 points through overtime, the Jaguars got slaughtered on the run, giving up 2 TD's and over 120 yards to Doug Martin, as well as giving up multiple big plays to Charles Simms. They struggled to tackle and the DL got little to no push in the run game.

They also made several gaffes on special teams, giving up a huge punt return in the 2nd quarter that lead to a Bucs TD.

The Jagurs tried a late game rally that resulted in an Allen Robinson touchdown, but they allowed the Bucs to eat up 6 minutes of the clock on their final drive, so it was too late for a comeback to materialize.

At the end of the day, the Jaguars simply made far too many costly mistakes, again. And they proved to be a team who can not overcome these mistakes, again.