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Observations from Week 5 loss at Tampa Bay

Observations and musings from Week 5 of the Jaguars regular season.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

1) This was a very winnable game, which is why it is so frustrating.

It is pretty fair to say the Bucs are among the bottom tier teams in the NFL. Their win vs Jax was actually Lovie Smith's first home win with Tampa, 21 games into his tenure (GO JAGUARS!). This was not a team Jax should have lost to, or even struggled with. Much like last weeks game, the Jags played like they were stuck in year 1 again. The fact that they still can't play a consistent game on both sides of the ball speaks volumes about the coaching and where the team is.

2) The Defense hasn't taken a step in year 3 under Bradley.

The Jaguars run defense was pretty good coming into week 5, but Doug Martin and the Bucs OL absolutely slaughtered them. They had 0 answers. The DL got dominated by a porous Bucs OL, the absence of Poz at ILB was noticeable, and the DBs couldn't tackle. After 3 years of Gus having his handprints all over the defense, outings like this are unacceptable.

3) Bortles played the best 4 quarters of his career.

Some context is needed for this. The Bucs trot out one of the worst defenses in the league and let Marcus Mariota throw for 5 Tds in his first start. But, 4 TDs thrown is 4 TDs thrown, and Blake looked the part Sunday, regardless of opponent. He missed A-Rob deep a few times and threw a terrible INT, but outside of that handful of throws he was solid. He was accurate, decisive, and most importantly he was effective in the red zone, converting 4 TDs. The next step for Bortles will be to start stringing together consecutive good starts, not just flashes.

4) Yeldon plays better than stats suggest, again.

T.J. Yeldon has yet to rush for a TD and has only run for 100 rushing yards once, but he has been the most impressive player on Offense to me given what he has to do to be productive. He his hit at the LOS on a good chunk of his carries and frequently has to make something out of nothing due to the blocking. The stats aren't there yet, but the talent is obvious.

5) Stop throwing to Marcedes.

With Julius Thomas being integrated back into the offense, I think it is time to phase out Lewis. He still offers value as a run blocker, but he isn't a viable pass target at this point in his career anymore. Despite this being obvious, he is still seeing a healthy dose of targets, especially in important situations such as 3rd downs. Throwing to Lewis has been near diasstrous each time, at this point it is time to just scrap him from the passing game.

Weekly superlatives

Offensive Player of the Week: Blake Bortles.

The best outing he has ever had stat wise, looked much better in red zone.

Defensive Player of the Week: Nobody

Not a single bright spot from the defense, outside maybe Davon House.

Best Play: Bortles TD(s) in the Redzone

Bortles being able to throw darts in tight windows for TDs to Hurns and Robinson was big considering how ineffective Jax was in the red zone last week.

Rookie of the Week: T.J. Yeldon

Cann had some issues in pass pro, so Yeldon is the only real candidate.

Hanxed It Award: Jaguars coaching staff

Another week, another unprepared team that looks lost for 4 quarters. Something has to change.

Stat of the week:

I am so sorry.