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Thursday Q&A: How far away is this Jaguars roster from the playoffs?

With the Jaguars coming home after a pathetic three-game road trip, we're sure you have questions. Here are some answers.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2015 NFL season under way and the Jacksonville Jaguars underperforming in many key areas, we're sure you have questions.

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Justin from Gainesville, FL

Q: Do you think we signed Stefen Wisniewski to a one-year deal because Dave Caldwell feels like Alex Mack will sign back with the Jaguars next year?

A: The Jaguars signed Wisniewski to a one-year deal on a prove-it basis. He had experience in the system but was coming off of a shoulder injury, and the Jaguars wanted to see if he could snatch the starting role. It was a low-risk move. That being said, I wouldn't rule Mack out just yet. But I doubt Caldwell is depending on it.

Sean from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What's going on with Zane Beadles? He seems to be the weakest point on our offensive line and he's right under Jermey Parnell, who has been great, in terms of salary. Given the amount of money he's been paid and the performances he keeps putting out, do you see the Jaguars releasing him after the season if his game doesn't improve?

A: Quite honestly, Beadles has never been a great player and it was clear he was overpaid from the jump. (Which is what you do in free agency, so it's whatever.) He found more success in Denver because of Manning's quick passing game which can mitigate an offensive lineman's weakness. Caldwell stated last year that he was displeased with Beadles performance, so I don't see how that opinion has changed at all.

Devin from Palm Bay, FL

Q: Is it smart to start an injured Blake Bortles over a healthy Chad Henne? Is it worth the risk?

A: If Blake can so much as pick up a football he's a better starting option than Chad.

Ryan from Albany, NY

Q: I'm going down for my first game at EverBank and I'm just curious about some good places to eat and/or visit down in Jacksonville. Also, where's the best spot to tailgate and is there anything I absolutely need to do at the stadium? Thanks!

A: Welcome! As far as places to eat, I'd check out Burrito Gallery and Black Sheep. Oh, and Maple Street BiscuitCompany. As far as the best spot to tailgate, are you a member of the Bold City Brigade? If not, get a membership for $20 (plus shipping) immediately. It pays for itself after just one tailgate. If there's one thing you need to do at the stadium, it's hang out with the Bold City Brigade. Buy the membership, introduce yourself to some people, tell them you're from out of town, and you'll be taken care of. Promise.

Gabe from St. Augustine, FL

Q: How come Alfie hasn't written anything since the last game? Is it because everyone realized how important Paul Posluszny is at the middle linebacker position and how he's probably worth every dollar we pay him?

A: The Jaguars killed Alfie Crow. Way to be sensitive during this difficult time at Big Cat Country.

Charlie from Tallahassee, FL

Q: How much longer can we keep losing with Gus Bradley before we see a change in leadership? Are we in for another season of this?

A: I can almost guarantee that you are not in for another season of this.

Randy from Sylmar, CA

Q: If our season goes down as a 2-3 win season and we get a top-five draft pick, where do we go? Defense line or secondary? Who do you guys see coming to Jacksonville, especially when were going to get Dante Fowler back. And do see Jaguars moving on from Marqise Lee?

A: It is really early, but the Jaguars need to go with the best athlete in the front-seven that's available. They have one of the least athletic front-seven units in the NFL right now, and it shows every week. They need a playmaker along the defensive line or at linebacker.

Anthony from Jacksonville, FL

Q: With the games remaining, could the Jaguars still make a push for the AFC South?

A: Absolutely not.

Mark from Portadown, Northern Ireland

Q: Take away coaching, how many starters are we away from challenging for regular playoff spots? Or is it more a case of better depth needed?

A: Better depth would be helpful this year, but with the way the AFC South has wilted around us, this year's roster could have challenged for a playoff spot. If not for ineffective and incompetent preparation by our coaching staff, this could have been the year it all started. The defense needs a lot of help, however. If Fowler turns out to be good, we still need at least one more pass rusher, a middle linebacker, and a safety. So... anywhere from 3-5?

Alan from Aurora, IL

Q: How has A.J. Cann looked filling in for Brandon Linder? Could he overtake Zane Beadles' starting spot?

A: That's certainly the plan. And he's looked okay. He's still in his first few games and he didn't play that much in the preseason. I predict, however, that by season's end Cann will be ready to overtake the left guard spot. And that's a very good thing because Beadles has not been doing well.