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Jaguars should fire Gus Bradley

Enough is enough. The Jaguars have started 1-5 and are 8-30 in the tenure of Gus Bradley It's time to make a move.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars move to 1-5 on the season, once again looking listless and dropping their fourth game in a row. Not only did they drop their fourth game in a row, but they lost their third game in a row against another bad team where they very well probably should have won the game.

It's time to fire head coach Gus Bradley. It's just not working.

I just sat at my desk for five minutes trying to think of all the reasons to list why Bradley should be fired, but I mean... Do I really need to explain it at this point? It's just not working. During the Gus Bradley era, the team is 8-30 and they're starting another season under water. The team continues to make the same mistakes they've been making all season through the first five games. It's not working.

This isn't to absolve general manager Dave Caldwell of blame, either. He's made his fair share of mistakes, but at this point I think it's pretty clear the Jaguars have at least average talent overall. There are certainly deficiencies on the roster that need to be addressed, but they appear to be underachieving.

You just went through playing an Andrew Luck-less Indianapolis Colts, rookie turnover machine Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Brian Hoyer with the Houston Texans. You went 0-3 in that stretch. Up next is likely the EJ Manuel led Buffalo Bills and I have no idea how they're supposed to win, so 0-4 is staring you right in the face in the easiest stretch of games you'll have all season.

Bradley routinely appears to get out coached in games and constantly sounds utterly confused afterwards. Last week he essentially said he's going to change who he is as a coach on the practice field, which never works, and today he had this gem:

I mean, come on Gus. Your entire mantra is fluff. You blow smoke up everyone's ass about getting better and winning isn't important. Nah. Winning is the most important thing and you're bad at it. You're literally all fluff.

He proved that last week after the Buccaneers loss when there were literally zero changes made anywhere. He kept status quo and expected things to change. Shockingly, they didn't.

Firing Gus Bradley now, with a trip to London on the horizon, isn't likely and it's not an easy fix. Simply canning him mid-season won't fix everything. It will give you a good idea however, on if it's coaching or talent. I think it's about 75 percent coaching and 25 percent talent at this point. I'm resigned to the fact that Caldwell is probably going to get a second coach, and to be honest that's not a big deal. I think he's done okay for the most part, and I tend to think Bortles is going to end up pretty good overall, and that's the real key to Caldwell.

I mean, what is playing out the string really going to accomplish with Bradley here? To get to a 6-10 record the team would have to go .500 during the rest of the way and that seems completely impossible at this point. Hell, seeing another win on the schedule with what they've just gone through seems impossible at this point.

All last week I heard local media tell fans, and me, that it was a knee-jerk reaction and wanting Bradley fired was being unreasonable, which is a load of bullshit. You also heard radio people tell you bringing up Gus Bradley's overall record, which is 8-30 now, was ignorant and irrelevant. That's also bullshit. It's completely relevant now, because they seem to be regressing.

Sure, wipe out season one if you want, they were rebuilding and blew it up. They won less games the next season and look to be on pace to win less this year.

It's not working and Gus Bradley isn't the answer.