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Observations from Week 6 loss to the Houston Texans

Observations and musings from Week 6 of the Jaguars regular season.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

1) When is enough, enough?

The Jaguars find a new way to lose every week. It is honestly incredible at this point. One week the D gives up 35+ points, one week the offense scores 13 points and this week? The entire team was bad. Each week you think the team has hit rock bottom, they do their best to show you that there is a point where it truly can get worse.

2) Why didn't the coaches adjust to Hopkins?

I am not gonna kill Davon House for Hopkins' performance. House won his share of battles vs Hopkins, but in the 2nd half he just exploded. He is easily a top 5 WR in the NFL this season and Sunday was the biggest reminder yet. You knew every 3rd down pass was going to him. He still caught it. You knew every red zone pass was going to go to him. He still caught 2 TDs. He made 2-3 catches that I am not sure any other WR in the whole league makes. With that said, why did the Jaguars not change their scheme even once? Why did House never get any safety help? Why was Hopkins never doubled on 3rd down?

3) Happy for Marks.

I didn't expect Marks to make an impact Sunday. Frankly, I didn't expect him to make an impact all season. But it was clear after just a few snaps that, while he is clearly not his old self, he is still an effective player. He drew a big holding penalty while being doubled and was frequently int he backfield. There aren't many players on the team that are worth rooting for more than Marks.

4) Blake and Julius have to get on the same page.

Julius had an OK game. He scored his first TD and got a lot of targets, showing that they want to feed him the ball on 3rd down and red zone situations. But he also had 2 drops and was the target on 2 of Bortles 3 INTs, both looking like they had miscommunication. The Jaguars need Julius to be a dominant player for better or worse, and for that to happen they need him and Bortles to get on the same page quickly.

5) I don't know what the bench clearing was all about.

But I am happy some players are showing some fire and not just rolling over. Not sure if we'll ever know why Marks, Odrick, etc. flipped out, but I don't really care either.

Weekly superlatives

Offensive Player of the Week: Allen Robinson

Was having one of his best games until getting hurt when the game was already over

Defensive Player of the Week: Sen'Derrick Marks

Impressive outing in his first game since week 17 last year.

Best Play: No.

Rookie of the Week: A.J. Cann

Cann and Michael Bennett were the only rookies to play, but Cann looked solid this week. He has gotten better with each start.

Hanxed It Award: Jaguars defensive staff for not adjusting to Hopkins.

I will never understand continuing to cover an elite WR one-on-one when you know he is getting the ball.

Stat of the week:

This is bad and we should feel bad.