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Big Cat Country arcade: Gus Bus

The Gus Bus is on fire! Take control and swerve away from losses to avoid losing traction. How long can you last on the fiery adventure? (I'm so sorry, everyone.)

(link if game is choppy/slow:

Last weekend, I released Bradley Bash, Big Cat Country's first ever video game.

Bradley Bash swept through the Jacksonville Jaguars online community, gathering dozens of plays and no immediate public demand for a sequel.

But the day after the Jaguars got blown out of the water by the New England Patriots, I felt inspired once again. I went back to the drawing board in an effort to push the boundaries even further.

What I came up with was my own digital interpretation of Gus Bradley's coaching tenure thus far. The game features a literal Gus Bus. It's on fire.

I call it -- Gus Bus.

Gus Bus features an original soundtrack I am very proud of, and ground-breaking visuals I am not as proud of.

In the game, you take control of the Gus Bus and swerve away from losses that would cause the bus to lose traction. Over time it becomes increasingly hard to avoid losses while still uncovering moral victories, and you eventually crash to your inevitable fiery death.

"Get better every day"

Give it a go! Post your high score in the comments below. How long can you last on the Gus Bus?

Also, it's very important to play this game at full volume. Just trust me.