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Marcedes Lewis might not know what Duval 'Til We Die means

Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis is seemingly chastising fans for not remembering what Duval 'Til We Die means. But here's the thing, Marcedes...


I'm going to give Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis the benefit of the doubt. When he tweeted out his admonition for us to be "Duval 'Til We Die" in all situations, and not simply when we win, it could have been a rallying cry to stick with the team through thick and thin rather than the scolding it may have seemed.

But in the event that Lewis (or anyone else) thinks Duval 'Til We Die means blind faith and passionate support for a bad product, it does not. It may seem ironic to Lewis, but demanding a historically bad team to get better by any means necessary is one of the most Duval 'Til We Die things this fanbase could do.

If we didn't love this team, we'd let it languish. There were nearly 10,000 who took over Tampa for our Week 5 loss. The Bold City Brigade has 2,533 members and counting -- most of which have season tickets. Last year, the Jaguars were 14th in the league with 97.5% attendance.

It's not about validating frustration. It's about seeing this in its proper context -- that we love this team and we want better for this franchise.