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Davon House benched. What?

Davon House being benched before Londons game makes no sense, for a number of reasons.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The news of Davon House's benching came out today, prior to the teams game in London against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

My first reaction, regardless of Long's idea that it is to challenge House, is what are the Jaguars actually doing?

They know the team is freefalling and they need to make a move, a change, anything. But out of all the things that they can and should change, their solution is to bench Davon House. Really? Really?

Sending a message to struggling players makes sense. But send it to the right players. Send it to Andre Branch or Zane Beadles. Stop giving Chris Clemmons days of practice off. Do something logical. That isn't benching House.

House struggled some last week. Against a top 5 WR in the NFL right now, in Deandre Hopkins. House was signed to cover the opponents best WR week in and week out, and he has been relatively successful until last week. A week where the coaches made 0 adjustments to change up the coverages or aid House in any way, even when it was clear he was in a losing battle. Even when it was clear Hopkins was getting the ball every time.

I am not upset about this move because I think House is a great player. I think he is a good one and shouldn't be benched, but that doesn't really have anything to do with it either.

I am upset because this shows the short-mindedness of the Jaguars staff, and quite frankly their incompetence.

There is a multitude of moves you can make when you are 1-5. Moves you need to make. Yet somehow, the Jaguars have managed to screw even that up.