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Jaguars bench Davon House, will start Dwayne Gratz

After what I thought was a good game against the Texans, head coach Gus Bradley has benched veteran cornerback Davon House.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Davon House let the media know that he was not going to be starting for team against the Buffalo Bills in London on Sunday.

Coming off what I thought overall was a very good game from House, who was manned up in single coverage with DeAndre Hopkins all game. In the end, Hopkins finished with a big day, but outside of two plays House did an excellent job given his task.

In House’s place in the starting lineup will be Dwayne Gratz, who has clawed back from his down sophomore season to regain a starting spot. I don’t know overall how well Gratz has played this season, but I haven’t really noticed him so I’ll say that’s probably pretty good.

As I mentioned, while Hopkins did end the day with 15 receptions, 148 yards and two touchdowns, for roughly three quarters House did an excellent job manned up with Hopkins. Until late in the game, outside of a couple of just great plays by Hopkins, House was on his way to shutting down one of the best receivers in the game. House just missed an interception in the endzone that resulted in a touchdown and Hopkins ran by him on another touchdown, but it was far from a bench-worthy game from a player who’s done pretty well while nursing injuries.

In consecutive weeks two players in the secondary have now been curiously demoted. I guess this is some of the "accountability" Gus Bradley has been talking about.

But then again Chris Clemons had a "veteran day off" on Wednesday.