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Swing and a miss for Shad Khan: Part 2

Shad Khan has been fantastic for the Jaguars in every regard except for, yano, football.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

I'm a known Shad Khan lover. I love what he represents, what he stands for, and what he is trying to do for the Jaguars and Jacksonville, but...

(...and it's a big but)

He has missed badly on two head coaches now. Allowing Gene Smith to stay in place and hire Mike Mularkey was a mistake. And if it isn't clear by an 8-30 record that hiring Gus was a mistake, it might never be clear to some people.

But, it's clear to me.

Gus Bradley is not the man for the job, and Shad and Dave Caldwell picking Gus for the job was a mistake. The senior-level leaders in the Jaguars organization allowed a first time coach to completely pick his staff... a staff with largely little to no experience in their new positions with the Jaguars.

Everyone was young and inexperienced. Everyone. The players were nearly all rookies on offense. The team was forced to play anyone they drafted, no matter the round. If a guy was drafted, he started. This was all by design. It was a design that was signed off on by Shad Khan.

Shad listens to his advisors. It's the reason that EverBank Field looks great now. Shad has Mark Lamping in place on the business side. It's clear that he doesn't have his football operation version of Mark Lamping. And until he finds that person, he's just as much to blame for the shit product that has won just 12 games since he became the owner.