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Which Jaguars starter would you bench immediately?

There are a number of underperforming Jaguars starters still getting significant playing time. Which one would you bench in favor of their backup?

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have an average roster that's performing at below-average results right now. Even with a good roster, there would be holes, but with ours there are significant problems.

Over the first six weeks of the season, a number of players (some more than others) have been underperforming.

So, our question today: Which Jaguars starter would you bench immediately? It can be for any reason -- their backup could be better, a message needs to be sent, that player would respond well to being benched -- but we want to know which player you'd sit immediately.

Alfie Crow

Zane Beadles. He's given up more sacks than any other offensive lineman so far this year.

Ryan Day

Andre Branch. The Don Quixote Experiment is over. I want to see what Ryan Davis can do with starting reps. I don't care if Gus Bradley needs Davis on special teams. Put Branch or Chris Clemons in on largely inconsequential field goals and punts.

Hank Joness

Dwayne Gratz. Put Davon House back in. Go Jaguars.

Cole Hartley

Josh Evans. The Jaguars have been trying to replace Evans since last year. Sergio Brown isn't exactly an elite talent, but he's displayed some aggressive traits in his limited on-field action this year. There's no reason Brown should remain glued to the bench while Evans is free to run around in circles.

Which Jaguars starter would you bench immediately?