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Thursday Q&A: Which coaches are actually doing well?

Welcome to Big Cat Country's Thursday Q&A column! We hope you enjoy it.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are headed to London on the tail end of a four-game losing streak. Can they get back into a groove against the Buffalo Bills in Week 7? Or will head coach Gus Bradley suffer his sixth loss of the season?

Matthew from Oakdale, MN

Q: I know things are looking and feeling rather bleak as we sit at 1-5, and that a lot of us are extremely unhappy with Gus and want him gone. I'm curious which coaches you think are performing well? And are there any coaches that you think would/could stay around even if Gus is fired and a new head coach comes in?

A: For starters, no I do not think any coaches would return if a new HC came in, unless the HC was Doug Marrone. HCs get their picks of the staff and should not be handcuffed to anyone. With that said, I think Jerry Sullivan and Nathaniel Hackett have done a great job.

Keith from Fleming Island, FL

Q: Who do you believe is the most responsible for our defensive struggles? Head coach? Defensive coordinator? Lack of talent in players?

A: All of the above. The coaching staff doesn't make proper adjustments, the front 7 is unathletic, and there is simply no playmaker or tone setter on D.

Tiler from Memphis, TN

Q: When choosing a new head coach, what if the top candidate is not sold on Blake Bortles? Do you opt to hire a lesser talented to coach who is willing to stick with Bortles, or go with the top hire?

A: Well, if the Jaguars were to select a new coach, Dave Caldwell would play a large role in the hiring process. Blake Bortles is Dave Caldwell's guy. That being said, I personally feel that it is important for a coach not to feel handcuffed to a particular player or situation.

Shaun from Napa, CA

Q: Realistically speaking, what are the chances Gus is still the head coach after the London game against Buffalo? Does it make more sense to play for the draft pick at this point or let Doug Morrone try to work his magic and salvage what's left of this season?

A: I have always thought that regardless of how bad the season goes, Gus gets all 16 games. I don't think that changes.

Kevin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What's the point?

A: You know what? We will probably never know. We can uncover meaning through speaking and listening -- finding a path, and then, finding ourselves. We were each born into this world of strange feelings and empty words, and we each become who we are by sharing experiences with others. As my favorite philosopher, Gus Bradley, once put it -- "Hey, we're after victory man. We're after doing our best."

Joe from Jacksonville, FL

Q: With a lack of pressure from our defense, why don't we sign Cap Capi? The guy seemed to hustle in the preseason and had some sacks but we cut him.

A: Sure. But forget Cap Capi -- there are a couple guys on the roster right now that haven't received an elevated opportunity either, like Ryan Davis. With each passing day, it is becoming more and more clear to me that Gus and Co. are content with Branch's "slow progress" and Clemons' vet days off. Meanwhile, the Jags don't want to give Davis a shot because "he does special teams."

Scott from Jacksonville, FL

Q: In your opinion is there a defensive scheme that would be more appropriate or productive for the talent we currently have? 3-4 vs 4-3, more blitzes, zone vs man to man. Where can we get a spark?

A: Not really. The talent on defense simply isn't very good. The safeties have been bad and you won't find any scheme that will be successful if Chris Clemmons and Andre Branch are your top 2 edge rushers.