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Shad Khan says Jaguars preseason game in London is a "possibility"

Jaguars owner Shad Khan said a preseason game in London, in addition to a regular season game, is a possibility in the future.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan wants to keep this team in Jacksonville. He's never wavered from that and he's been nothing but committed to keeping the team in Northeast Florida.

But could growing this team mean additional games in London? Possibly.

In an interview with Eric Addelson of Yahoo! Sports, Khan left the idea of a second Jaguars game in London -- albeit a preseason game -- open-ended and up for discussion.

Could more games here be the answer? Khan insists it's "way too early" to consider any resident NFL team here. "The whole idea," he said, "is to stabilize the franchise in Jacksonville and leverage it overseas." But when asked about adding a preseason Jags game in London, he said, "We're not looking at that, but that could be a possibility, sure."

Personally, I don't think an additional game in London would be a good idea logistically, but financially, sure. Make your money. But if that preseason game is a home game, then you've effectively taken away two games from a 10-game season ticket holder, as opposed to just the one.

Plus, depending on where this preseason game lands on the schedule, it could be a rather meaningless and boring game. What if it's a Week 4 matchup, where (at most) 1-2 starters play? What if a UK fan paid full price for the Jacksonville-Washington game this year? They'll know the quality of an American football game is less than what it could (and should) be.