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Jaguars vs. Bills: Individual matchups that could decide the game

The Jaguars take on the Bills in London on Sunday, as they try to win their first game since Week 2 against the Dolphins. Which individual matchups will impact the outcome of the game?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars have traveled to London for their annual "home" game at Wembley Stadium. The Jaguars take on the Buffalo Bills, a team that had high hopes at the beginning of the season with new head coach Rex Ryan, but has been plagued by injuries and have started the season 3-3.

While it will be a battle between the two teams on each side of the ball, I'm looking for a specific individual matchup that could potentially make-or-break the game for Jacksonville.

But "individual matchups" does not necessarily mean just two players facing off against each other. It could be Allen Robinson vs. Stephon Gilmore, the Jaguars secondary against a beaten up Bills passing offense, or something else.

My matchup of the week is the Jaguars defense against quarterback EJ Manuel.

Jaguars defense vs. E.J. Manuel:

E.J. Manuel has been a bust of a first round draft pick so far. Through just over two seasons, Manuel has thrown for only 17 touchdowns and 3,073 yards, and has compiled a 6-9 record.

In 2014, he was benched in favor of Kyle Orton, and during this past preseason, Manuel lost the quarterback competition in Buffalo to Tyrod Taylor. Taylor injured his knee in Week 5, and Manuel has been starting in his place.

The Jaguars defense has had its ups and downs so far this season. To start the year, the defense played about average, allowing 20 points per game through Week 2. Since then, although they only allowed 16 points against the Indianapolis Colts, the defense has played poorly. Players such as Davon House, who was shockingly benched in favor of Dwayne Gratz this past week, Telvin Smith, and Jared Odrick have shown promise for a defense that just can't seem to put it all together, but it's going to take major improvements from the defense as a whole to pick things up.

How the Jaguars can win the matchup:

As I said before, the Jaguars defense has been disappointing so far this season. If this team wants to turn around from their miserable start to the season by going 1-5 through six games, the defense needs to seriously improve. Week 6 presents a great opportunity for the Jaguars defense to take advantage of a quarterback known for his poor play.

If the Jaguars can contain E.J. Manuel, they can win this ball game.