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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Win over Bills needs context

The win over the Bills needs some serious context surrounding it and more team news for your Monday morning.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Rapid Reaction: Jaguars win needs some context -
No one likes a wet blanket, but while the Jacksonville Jaguars win over the Buffalo Bills in London was an exciting and welcomed sight, it exposed a lot of issues for the team as well.

Did Jaguars have advantage in arriving late to London -
The Buffalo Bills were supposed to be at an advantage when they played against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London Sunday. Teams traveling to London and dealing with the time change are better off arriving earlier in the week. The Bills landed Monday morning, while the Jaguars, who were making the trip for the third straight year, decided to get in Friday morning and treat it like a west coast game.

Jaguars finally find a way to finish game and get victory -
The most important thing Sunday morning wasn’t that the Jacksonville Jaguars blew a 24-point lead by giving up 28 unanswered points. It was that they somehow managed to shake off an embarrassing second-half performance and put together a game-winning drive on offense and a game-winning stop on defense.

Jacksonville Jaguars (somehow) beat the Bills 34-31 -
The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Buffalo Bills by a score of 34-31 today. Gus Bradley & Co. will go into the bye week with his second win of the season. We're 2-5. But that's not what matters most today. What matters most today is that the Jaguars can't stop melting down in the fourth quarter. Delay of game penalties, pick-six interceptions, hurried snaps, near fumbles...