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Bills CB Stephon Gilmore calls Jaguars WR Allen Robinson 'average' after game

Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore had some interesting ways to describe Allen Robinson after the Jaguars won 34-31 in London.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore wants everyone to know that Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson isn't as good as his season statistics or performance on Sunday might tell us. In fact, Gilmore says, Robinson is just "average".

According to Matthew Fairburn of, Gilmore dismissed the notion that Robinson was tough to guard, and instead was a simple player to figure out after studying him.

"He wasn't really tough to guard if you watch the film. He caught, I don't know how many passes. He wasn't tough to guard. If you watch the film it will tell you that ... He's OK. He's an NFL receiver. Average."

Robinson was the leading receiver in Sunday's matchup, catching six passes for 98 yards and a touchdown (where Gilmore was the defender) on nine targets.

Sure, Gilmore. Robinson, who has the sixth-most yards and is tied for first in receiving touchdowns, is average.