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Observations from Week 7 victory vs the Buffalo Bills

Observations and musings from Week 7 of the Jaguars regular season, their first win in London!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

1) Can be both happy with win and disappointed in the team's performance.

Since the game ended, there have been basically two different reactions to the game. One is the obvious enthusiasm over a much needed win, which is perfectly reasonable to feel.

The other reaction is "We won, but..." That is just as reasonable to feel.

The team got a win when they needed one the most, right before the bye week and in the midst of the most disheartening four-game stretch of the Gus Bradley era. But they also surrendered a huge lead and frankly didn't look like they were any different of a team than they were a week prior. The Jaguars got a huge a win, but context is not only fair, it is needed.

2) Running game picking up...

The Buffalo Bills are probably the toughest front-seven the Jaguars have faced this season, and if not the toughest they are second to the Carolina Panthers. That is what makes T.J. Yeldon's and the offensive line's performance so encouraging.

The Jaguars have struggled to find any consistency in their running game all year, but Yeldon took the game over at times on Sunday, averaging almost 6.0 yards a carry. Blockers like A.J. Cann and Nic Jacobs had great games and some key blocks to spring Yeldon runs. Hopefully, the Jaguars can build off this game and not revert back to their past run struggles.

3) Why go away from the run?

This was the first game I have been frustrated with Greg Olson as offensive coordinator.

The Jaguars didn't throw the ball "a lot" in comparison to their weekly averages throughout the rest of the season, but when they had a huge lead after halftime they seemed focused on leaning on the passing game. When the Bills started to come back, the Jaguars kept throwing, and throwing, and throwing. I even tweeted before a drive in the fourth quarter:

"There is no reason Yeldon shouldn't get absolutely fed this drive."

The Jaguars responded with three incompletions and didn't even take a minute off the clock. The Jaguars have struggled to play with the lead all season, and this game was the greatest example yet.

4) Gus needs to be consistent with "accountability"

If Gus wants to be consistent with making players accountable and not look foolish, he has to do something with Toby Gerhart. Gerhart not gaining a single yard on four goal-line runs is more worthy of a benching than what Davon House was benched for. House had to cover a top-five WR in the NFL. Gerhart simply had to get one yard on four carries.

It isn't like Gerhart is a big part of the team anyways, but Gus needs to make a point with him.

5) Speaking of House

I wasn't rooting for Dwayne Gratz to struggle. That would be illogical. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a huge laugh when House got back into the starting lineup not even three full quarters into his benching. It's almost like benching him made no sense in the first place. Hmmm.

Weekly superlatives

Offensive Player of the Week: T.J. Yeldon

Best game of his young career. Showed vision, instincts, and toughness.

Defensive Player of the Week: Telvin Smith

It is time to start considering Telvin one of the better outside linebackers in the AFC. He has taken a huge step.

Best Play: Hurns touchdown

Incredible catch and moment from the offense's most improved player

Rookie of the Week: Yeldon and A.J Cann.

Yeldon is obvious, but A.J. Cann played well and has gotten better with each start. Deserves some credit.

Hanxed It Award: Stephen Gilmore ahahahhahaha

Despite Allen Robinson having a TD and almost 100 yards, Bills cornerback called him "Average." and "Not difficult to cover."

Let's check in with the experts' reactions:

Stat of the week:

If the text is too small, the only name on the list is Randy Moss. Oh.