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How the AFC South was won (at 6-10)

The Jaguars have played a dismal season and still sit just 1.5 games (and a tiebreaker) out of the AFC South lead. Here's how they can continue a downward spiral and still win the division.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Halloween is this week and there's nothing spookier in the NFL than the AFC South! And while the division is a train wreck this year and our hope was that Year 3 of a Jacksonville Jaguars rebuild would have put them in a position to run away with it, that's likely not going to happen this year.

What can happen, however, is for them to crawl away with it. We joke about it every year... 7-9 will win the AFC South, right? I'm taking it a step further. 6-10 will win the AFC South.

Here's how the division sits right now.

The dominoes have to fall in a certain way, particularly the Jaguars beating the Indianapolis Colts at home in December and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins continuing to improve and handing the Colts losses. But it's not out of the realm of possibility that the saddest division in football could get even sadder and send a double-digit loss team to the playoffs. And here's how that happens!

Week 8

Colts (3-5) lose to Panthers
Texans (3-5) beat Titans (1-6)
Bye Week: Jaguars (2-5)

Week 9

Colts (3-6) lose to Broncos x
Jaguars (2-6) lose to Jets
Titans (1-7) lose to Saints x
Bye Week: Texans (3-5)

Week 10

Jaguars (3-6) beat Ravens
Texans (3-6) lose to Bengals
Titans (2-7) lose to Panthers
Bye Week: Colts (4-5)

Week 11

Jaguars (4-6) beat Titans (2-8)
Colts (4-6) lose to Falcons
Texans (3-7) lose to Jets

Week 12

Jaguars (4-7) lose to Chargers
Colts (4-7) lose to Buccaneers
Texans (3-8) lose to Saints
Titans (2-9) lose to Raiders

Week 13

Jaguars (5-7) beat Titans (2-10)
Colts (4-8) lose to Steelers
Texans (3-9) lose to Bills

Week 14

Jaguars (6-7) beat Colts (4-9)
Texans (3-10) lose to Patriots
Titans (2-11) lose to Jets

Week 15

Jaguars (6-8) lose to Falcons
Colts (5-9) beat Texans (4-10)
Titans (2-12) lose to Patriots

Week 16

Jaguars (6-9) lose to Saints
Colts (5-10) lose to Dolphins
Titans (3-12) beat Texans (4-11)

Week 17

Jaguars (6-10) lose to Texans (5-11)
Colts (5-11) lose to Titans (4-12)