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Week 7 sack analysis vs. Bills

Analyzing each sack given up by the Jaguars all season, moving onto Week 7.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into week 7, the Jaguars had given up 17 sacks. Against the Bills they only surrendered 2, which is encouraging considering the type of talent the Bills have on the DL with Mario Williams, Jerry Hughes, and Marcell Dareus.

In Week 1 I described the process of distributing accountability to the Jaguars offense when it comes to sacks, be it the OL, Blake, or a miscellaneous reason such as a free blitzer.

Sack No. 1:

The Sack: Sack #1. Parnell slips and Blake steps right into DE.

Situation: 3rd-and-8 and the Jaguars 16 yard line. 2:00 left in the 2nd Quarter.

Who was at fault: Jermey Parnell.

Blake did step up into the DE, but it was more about Parnell slipping. Parnell didn't get "beat" but he is responsible for the sack, his first of the season.

Sack No. 2:

Situation: 1st-and-10 at the Jaguars 36 yard line. 4:43 left in the 4th Quarter.

The Sack: Sack #2. Blake tries to bail out of a clean pocket because he sees room to run up the middle, Bills defense...

Who was at fault: Miscellaneous

Marcedes gave up a pressure off the right side which forced Blake to step up into pressure, but there was also tight coverage on the play. Nothing anyone could do.

Here is the updated accountability chart for the Jaguars sacks given up in 2015.

Player or situation

Sacks at fault for.

Luke Joeckel


Zane Beadles


Stefan Wisniewski


Brandon Linder


Jermey Parnell


Blake Bortles


Denard Robinson


Sam Young



(Coverage sack, free blitzer, etc...)