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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Is sticking with Jason Myers the right move?

The Jaguars will likely look for a replacement for struggling kicker Jason Myers, but is it the right move? Your Jaguars links for Wednesday morning!

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Is sticking with Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Jason Myers the right move? -
Is it worth rolling with a young, inconsistent kicker in the hopes of having it pay off in the years to come? (Well...)

Going for a touchdown was "coach's choice" -
"If you look at analytics it probably says, ‘Kick the field goal at that time,’’’ Bradley said. "For me to sit here and say that it said for me to go for it, that’s inaccurate. It was a coach’s choice and it was strong to go for it. I felt strongly for this reason: I feel like we came out of the locker room and we had a long drive. It was 13 plays. We were ahead by quite a few. It was more of a message to this team, ‘Let’s finish. Let’s finish right now, let’s put this in and let’s find a way.’ And it didn’t work out that way.’’

Allen Robinson responds to Stephon Gilmore calling him "average" -
After the London game on Sunday, Bills cornerback Stephon Gilmore called Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson "average" after he caught for 98 yards and a touchdown. This is Robinson's response.