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The Jaguars should probably place Marqise Lee on injured reserve

At this point, it's probably for the best.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

For the most part, I swim in the less-critical end of the Marqise Lee criticism pool. I still believe Lee can be a valuable asset to the Jaguars offense when he is fully healthy.

That being said, ending Lee's season by placing him on injured reserve is probably something the Jaguars should have already done.

I understand that hindsight is 20/20, and the team didn't (and still doesn't) know the exact number of games that Lee will miss this season due to his nagging hamstring injury. There's still a slim chance that Lee will play on Nov. 8th against the New York Jets, and it appears that the Jaguars are holding on to hope that Marqise can somewhat recover in time.

Still, head coach Gus Bradley has absolutely no answers. He basically backed his way out of any Lee-injury questions during his Tuesday press conference with several different varieties of "I don't know."

It's probably time to free up the roster spot that Marqise is plugging up. At this point, it's in the Jaguars' and Lee's best interest to let Marqise recover and make another run in 2016.

I won't act like I know the extent of Lee's injury, or his past injuries that may still be nagging him. In fact, I'm fairly confident that no one does. But a hamstring injury, especially for a speed receiver, is a very touchy ailment. It will continue to linger, even if Lee feels healthy enough for 5-10 snaps in the Jets game. It's very clear that Lee is still struggling with this injury, and it's even more clear that the Jaguars don't have any answers.

The Jaguars have already lost LaRoy Reynolds -- who is now starting on the Bears -- due to the necessity for an extra receiver from Marqise stuffing a dead roster spot. Lee isn't practicing, and his situation has done more damage to the Jaguars roster than it has provided legitimate hope for Lee to play more than 3 games this season.

Rookie receiver Rashad Greene is set to return to the team after the bye, and the Jaguars are far from desperate at the receiver position.

So here's my take -- Let Marqise take the rest of the year to get healthy. His roster spot is both unnecessary and harmful to future roster transactions. It's a sunk cost at this point, and there's really no point in clogging a roster spot to take a chance at limited situational production, or worse -- risking further injury.