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Observations from our Week 4 overtime loss to the Indianapolis Colts

Observations and musings from the worst loss of the season for the Jaguars. (So far.)

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

1) This is the worst loss of the Gus Bradley era, and is probably the nail in the coffin.

This loss is much, much worse than last weeks blowout. It was expected for the Patriots to dominate Jacksonville. But for Jacksonville to not only lose to Matt Hasselbeck but to also only score 13 points on what is a very porous Colts defense? It was year 1 stuff. It was embarrassing. And it was eye opening to the fact that Gus Bradley simply looks overwhelmed as a HC. I don't really see a way they rebound from this to the point where jobs are saved, but there is more time to talk about that later.

2) What is happening in the 2nd halfs?

Week 1: 0 points

Week 2: 3 points

Week 3: 14 points

Week 4: 0 points

17 points in 8 quarters is a little over 2 points a quarter. I am not sure why the Offense continues to fall flat in the 2nd half of games, but it is a very big reality.

3) Blake looked the first half

The first half of the game was, in my opinion, the best Bortles has looked in a regular season game. He was decisive. He was accurate. He was making plays. But then in the 2nd half his accuracy dipped, he made careless mistakes (such as the dropped snap) but overall his play just wasn't consistent. They need Bortles to string together good whole games. Not play a good half and then disappear.

4) Allen Hurns has gotten a lot better.

I was a big critic of Hurns last season, but he is by far the most improved player on the offense this year and has shown to be a dependable 3rd down target. He has cut down on the drops and he continues to get open week in and week out. Today was the first time I have thought he looked like he could shoulder the load of the passing game, and that was because he was the only consistent threat all game.

5) The DL has major issues.

The Front 7 played the run great for most of the game. At one point, Frank Gore had 0.75 YPC. But watching them pass rush vs a bad Colts OL and get dominated was disappointing. Chris Clemons' age shows every game, Andre Branch is ineffective, Ryan Davis doesn't play enough, and Jared Odrick isn't the type of player who your pass rush should revolve around. I know Fowler and Marks are out, but the Jags have had 3 offseasons to improve the edge depth and overall athleticism of the DL and have yet to do so.

Weekly superlatives

Offensive Player of the Week: Allen Hurns. The best 4 quarters of his young career.

Defensive Player of the Week: Johnathan Cyprien. Cyp is a big target of criticism (most of it very fair) but he played a solid game, from the early fumble to his ability to stop pass plays before the chains.

Best Play: Bortles' TD to Hurns was the best play either has made in all of 2015.

Rookie of the Week: T.J. Yeldon, because Sample didn't make an impact, and Cann was up and down in his first start.

Hanxed It Award: The Jaguars, for losing to 40 YEAR OLD MATT HASSELBECK

Stat of the week: